How To Be Sick
A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to For the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers
Table of Contents

Foreword by Sylvia Boorstein

Preface to the Revised Edition

Preface to the First Edition

How Everything Changed
1. Getting Sick: A Romantic Trip to Paris
2. Staying Sick: This Can’t Be Happening to Me      

Pain is Part of Life

3. The Buddha Tells It Like It Is      
4. The Universal Law of Impermanence 
5. Who Is Sick? Who is in Pain?

Finding Joy and Love

6. Finding Joy in the Life You Can No Longer Lead   
7. Soothing the Body, Mind, and Heart  
8. Using Compassion to Alleviate Your Suffering      
9. Facing the Ups and Downs of Illness with Equanimity

Turnarounds and Transformations
10. Getting Off the Wheel of Suffering   
11. Tonglen: Spinning Straw Into Gold
12. With Our Thoughts We Make the World
13. The Present Moment as a Refuge
14. Wise Action: What to Do and What Not to Do
15. Zen Helps    

From Isolation to Solitude

16.Communicating with Care       
17. Connecting with Others and Appreciating Solitude
18. And in the End . . .               

A Guide to Using the Practices to Help with Specific Challenges

With Gratitude

Recommended Reading