More Praise for How To Live Well


Warm, stunningly comprehensive, wise, and practical, this book is a salve for anyone wishing to adapt to and thrive within a life that is harder and different from what he or she expected.”
—Carlin Flora, author of Friendfluence

“This book is a gem. With unflinching honesty from someone who knows firsthand, Toni Bernhard’s How to Live Well is chockfull of practical wisdom that will bring light and direction to anyone lost in the darkness of chronic pain and illness.”
Susan Bauer-Wu, Ph. D., Kluge Professor of Contemplative End-of-Life Care, University of Virginia and author of Leaves Falling Gently

“Toni Bernhard may be the wisest person I know. I am immensely grateful to her for the pure gold that is found on these pages. She has transformed her suffering into a gift that benefits all of us who live with chronic pain and illness.”
—Therese J. Borchard, author of Beyond Blue and Founder of Project Beyond Blue

How to Live Well is a must-have guide for anyone suffering from chronic pain or illness. Drawing on her own experiences and struggles, Bernhard provides clear, practical, and incredibly powerful strategies to help manage and improve every aspect of life impacted by chronic pain and illness. She masterfully weaves psychology, Buddhism, mindfulness meditation, kindness, and self-compassion into a wonderful tapestry of vital information that will no doubt help suffering readers do exactly what the title suggests —live well.”
Dr. Guy Winch, author of Emotional First Aid  

“Sometimes when we're sick, all we want is that flash of recognition—the look that says I know what it feels like to be tired; the touch that says I understand what it feels like to be in pain. Toni Bernhard gives us more; she teaches us how to provide this comfort to ourselves.”
Susan Milstrey Wells, author of A Delicate Balance: Living Successfully with Chronic Illness

"How To Live Well is a gift that offers ways to live fully and deeply with what each day brings. I will return to it again and again to receive encouragement and to remember how sweet life can be even in the midst of difficulties. Toni lifts us up.”
Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Invitation

“Toni shows us the difference between pain and suffering, and shows us what it can mean for how we live: that our lives can still be joyful.”
—David Loy, author of The World is Made of Stories

It is wonderful to see people applying mindfulness toward living happily under all kinds of circumstances. Toni Bernhard shares her own powerful experience of how mindfulness practice can deeply support anyone with chronic illness.”
—Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness

"This excellent guidebook is an absolute must read for every person facing these difficult circumstances.”
—James Baraz, author of Awakening Joy

“Clear, comprehensive, grounded on her own personal experience, Bernhard offers mindfulness teachings and practical hard-won wisdom to navigate the world of chronic illness. This seminal book could truly be a life-saver.”
—Diana Winston, Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center and author of Fully Present

"Written with generosity of spirit and mind, How to Live Well offers life-saving, soul-nourishing, helpful help. Each chapter provides practical techniques not only for surviving chronic illness, but for becoming a more compassionate person along the way. This book is a true gift." 
—Joslyne Decker, author of Fight Like a Mother: How to Be a Mom with a Chronic Illness

"Max Planck, who founded quantum physics, said, ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at change.’ This is a great truth where chronic pain and illness are concerned.  Let Toni Bernhard be your guide in this life-changing journey."
—Larry Dossey, M.D., author of
Healing Words

“This guide lives up to its name. It goes way beyond highfalutin hand-waving and provides useable, time-tested guidance for how to live a full life within pain and difficulty.”
—Barry Boyce, Editor-in-Chief of Mindful Magazine

“Toni Bernhard speaks from direct experience. She knows and deeply understands illness, but she also knows wellness and what helps the most to get us there. Through her words you will find a wise friend to turn to during both the rough and the smoother times.”
—Deb Shapiro, author Be The Change

“Toni Bernhard shows how limitation can open onto limitlessness—how suffering can open onto well-being.”
—Thomas Bien, Ph.D., author of Mindful Therapy

“Toni Bernhard’s new book, How To Live Well With Chronic Pain and Illness,  provides practical and inspiring teachings for both those who have chronic illness and for everyone who suffers and struggles in their lives.” 
—Mary Grace Orr, Founding teacher, Insight Santa Cruz

"Here it is, the 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know' book! Whether it is navigating challenges with your partner, physician, or friends, or dealing with rampant emotions, or simply learning to accept and value the life that you have, this is the book for you."
—Joy Selak, Ph.D., author of You Don’t Look Sick!

"The overarching message for those with chronic illness—and for all the rest of us as well—is that self-compassion is the most reliable refuge. Toni has been chronically ill for a long time, but her illness has not affected her perfect pitch."
—Sylvia Boorstein author of Happiness Is an Inside Job

“If you have chronic illness, this is the book to keep within arm’s reach at all times.”
—Danea Horn, author of Chronic Resilience 

“Toni Bernhard never disappoints in her ability to share insightful knowledge with a dose of humor on how to live well despite having a serious illness. Read this book and garner knowledge and strategies on how to live the best life possible.”
—Lori Hartwell, president and founder of Renal Support Network 

"Excellent firsthand instruction for anyone dealing with a debilitating illness." 
—Library Journal